Red Black – Free Joomla Template

Building a personal blog or need a nice theme for your next Joomla project? RedBlack might be very useful if you like a darker

color scheme and rounded corners. Web site is relative simple, easy to customize and it has a SEO ready layout. As our prevision templates, this is based on 2 columns design, content within the left and sidebar on the right. We have added an extra ‘logo’ module, so this template has 15 modules. The logo image can be easily changed by anyone: upload your logo image using Media Manager, create a ‘Custom HTML’ module and publish it together with your image to ‘logo’ module position. Our old logo will disappear and your new logo will require it’s place. You can also add custom logo text or slogan while using ‘Custom HTML’ module should you desire, it’s up to you how you want to colorize it for you.